[ARCHIVE] Why I quit Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

As of now, CS:GO is going down hill faster than my channel views, and that’s really sad. Nobody is enjoying playing the game. Most of the CS:GO content creators just play this game because their sheap viewers can’t stop playing CS:GO so they get 5k hours on the game. (except for shroud)

Why I don’t like playing the game is simple, toxic players, cheaters, unbalanced weapons, bad game mechanics.

Now most people reading this are just going to say that I am a salty silver, and that I am mad because I rank up, but no, that’s not true. Yeah, I want to rank up, but that’s not the main reason I quit. The main reason I quit is because of the toxic community. It has gotten so bad, where when I say one thing out of my mouth I get screamed at for having “only 20 frags” while its only like 7 rounds into the game. The community as a whole shouldn’t be like this, it’s very annoying. The community has gotten to the point where the only reason they are playing CS:GO is because they are bad at Fortnite / PUBG. Which shouldn’t be the reason they are playing your game, they should play the game because you are having FUN.

Another reason I don’t like playing this game is because of the unbalanced weapons. I can two shot head shot someone with a PISTOL and KILL THEM but a ~$3000 dollar RIFLE can’t one shot head shot someone. Also, can we not talk about the SMGs. They are just mini-AK/M4’s. The SMG’s are the only reason some people, in my skill range, are good. [ 91 in 2 btw OMEGALUL]

$3000 rifle. (this screenshot is from an old version of the game)
One of the last things I don’t like about this game is the game mechanics. I can’t even move if I get sprayed in the body with a Glock. Recoil patterns aren’t that bad, but the range is just insane, like I can barely kill someone with a M4 on Dust II Goose to Long. It’s gotten that mad.

Now I know most of the reasons that I have provided are because of my bad game experiences, and you shouldn’t quit the game just because of what I have been through. Yes, I am a bad player, yes I do have bad aim, yes I have some pretty bad game sense, but if I can’t move while I’m getting shot at to get into cover is just ridiculous. Now I will still play CS if I feel like Fortnite is just not a good game that day, if one of my good CS friends are playing it, or if I just feel like throwing. (don’t throw in CS, ever) This post was because of the bad experience I had last night, and yes I am still mad. Whatever, follow my Twitch if you want some lit CS throwing. Also, I will still watch CS:GO content, because Fortnite content is just for 8 year olds.